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UCG along with an established network of NGOs and associations of vulnerable groups provide advocacy services in the following area:


  • Child trafficking- Stopping children exploitation is UCG's priority. In collaboration with our strong network of local law enforcement authorities, government leaders, and social services professionals, we aim to work towards eliminating child trafficking and child slavery and provide services for survivors.


  • Infant mortality rate- In collaboration with health care professionals, we work to bridge the gap between expecting mothers and access to resources, medical care, and education that are necessary to ensure healthy and safe pregnancies.


  • Stigmatization- Our campaign is geared towards the reduction of stigma associated with HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis. UCG coordinates with local and international entities to provide voluntary testing and counseling, as well as increase support services to people with HIV/TB within rural and urban communities across the globe. We also help provide people with HIV/TB a link with other community support programs and social mobilization models where they exist.



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