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Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Union Consulting Group (UCG) has established a reputation for delivering excellence in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services. Our primary focus is to bridge the gap between our clients ICT capabilities and its vision for high performance.


UCG helps countries develop and implement ICT strategies while also integrating ICT into its other economic development programs. We have worked with both large and small systems integrators in the preparation, delivery and close out of ICT initiatives implementations both in the commercial and public sectors around the world. We combine deep technology expertise to cover the entire range of technology capabilities—from developing an ICT strategy to implementing solutions to optimize your ICT infrastructures and applications.


Our ICT services include:


ICT Infrastructure Maintenance / Transformation

UCG ICT consultants will evaluate your current ICT infrastructures and conduct a need assessment in the following areas:

  • Network security, LAN / WAN optimization

  • Hardware/software upgrades

  • Microsoft software (MS Office suite) end-user training

  • Help desk training and operations.

  • CBT (Computer Based Training) setup

  • Internet/intranet security, usage training, and password protection

  • Telecommunication engineering solutions - wireless and Mobile Virtual Network, VoIP


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions

Our ICT consultants work with clients to think creatively about the use of ERP (SAP, Oracle)-based solutions in improving their business performance and create distinctive capabilities—integrated processes and services that drive competitive advantage.


Project Management Training (PMT) Solutions

By leveraging industry best practices UCG consultants use PMT aligned suite of guides and templates to design effective project management techniques for our clients.


Quality Control – Leveraging Six Sigma ICT Methodologies

Six Sigma is a defect reduction methodology that forces organizations to focus on the quality of its customers' experience. UCG Six Sigma Team will apply Six Sigma ICT Quality control Methodology to your organization’s operations. Our aim is to guarantee our clients - ICT ROI (return-on-investment). We will measure and improve your organization internal processes such as network speed, reliability and line-of-business processes in which ICT plays a role. UCG Quality Control methodology breaks down problem evaluation into five distinct steps: define measure, analyze, improve and control – leveraging Six Sigma DMAIC processes.


Smart Card Technology

Electronic authentication to gain physical and logical access improves security. Our ICT professionals will evaluate the need for Smart Card Technology within your organization.


Implementing smart card technology is value added to any organization, smart card benefits include:

  • Log on securely to your organization’s intranet networks, systems, and web based application.

  • Encrypt and electronically "sign" emails and documents

  • Access Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)-compliant systems

  • Easily identification, controls, and accounts for personnel entering your premises

  • Smart Card technology allows for rapid authentication and enhanced security for all physical and logical access


Web site Design / E-commerce Application

Our ICT professionals will design your website and incorporated e-commerce application based on your business needs. We also educate on the need and importance of e-commerce.




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